The Perfect Guide to Styling and Taking Care of Your Distinct Hair Type

If you are passionate about growing your hair like the ones you see on Instagram, there are several ways to do it. It is possible to grow your hair super quick every time you cut or trim it. But you need to be informed about the hair growth cycle if you need a hair care routine specifically for your hair type and how the many factors that contribute to hair loss and also to hair growth are significant.

Just who doesn’t want quick-growing, high-quality hair? Yet you don’t only have to want it, you likewise need to be informed about how your hair works to know how to grow it. Customer opinions on have shown the many possible ways your hair can be grown and we consider this a perfect guide to styling and taking care of your hair type. Although you might need to pore over online shopping reviews to get some items.

How the Hair Growth Cycle Works

Your hair is a result of dead proteins found in your body. The proteins are known as keratin and they are responsible for the growth of your hair. Thus, the growth and loss of your hair owe much to the nature of keratin in your body. If your keratin level is low and poor, you might experience a decrease in the growth of new hair follicles and eventually balding. Not to worry, keratin level can be boosted. Eating a balanced diet or meals rich in eggs, onions, salmon, and potatoes, can enhance the level of your keratin. Also, doing regular exercises and practicing proper hygiene can contribute to your hair growth.

Regardless of your hair type, your hair grows about 0.5cm and 1.5cm each month. But diets are not the only factors that affect hair growth. Genes, hormonal changes, and certain hairstyles and hair treatments can also affect hair keratin. All of which poses the question: What is the perfect guide to styling and treating your hair?

Guide to Hair Care and Styling

This guide is subjective and not a generalist. We know, however, these 3 simple guides would lead you to styling, caring for, and providing a unique hair routine.

Know Your Hair Type

Generally, there are 4 types of hair. Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy, or kinky, you need to first find out. Each type has unique styling procedures and care routine. Curly hair is common to split ends due to how the strands gather. You must cut periodically. Straight hair is often oily, so avoid applying more oil to it. Wavy hair has natural curls which could make for great natural styling. Kinky hair, which is the last, requires close attention and care as it is the most prone to damages.

What Care and Styling Products Should You Use?

  •         Use shampoo unique to your hair type.
  •         Use a conditioner if your hair type is not straight.
  •         Add castor or coconut oils to your hair routine 
  •         Get hair masks for your curly, wavy, and kinky hair.
  •         Comb, dry, and properly assess your hair.

Bottom Line

Your hair is not just a form of your appearance; it also reflects the overall quality of your health. If you are losing hair or going bald, perhaps you need to consult a doctor.