Hairstyle for Women Over 50

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger Over 50

People are always obsessed about what’s new and what’s trending. From the hair, to the face, nails and down to the toes, it isn’t surprising how people want what others have and, sometimes, crave what they cannot have. When you’re 50 and over, however, it’s different. What you want is what you need. You don’t need it to be on the top of some chart. The criteria for wanting a haircut or an anti aging cream is more personal. After having road tested 101 and more hairstyles and skincare products for five decades, women 50 and over already know the best hairstyles that effortlessly transform them into the gorgeous girls.

What Women 50 and Up Want

So, you’re looking for a new way to express yourself and, for this round, you’re fixated on making some significant changes to your tresses. You know that to look your best hair ever, your hairstyle has to meet a handful of criteria to make you a gorgeous girl:

  • It should create a flattering frame for your face.
  • It should brighten up your complexion.
  • It must be easy to manage.
  • It should give you more volume and appear full and healthy.
  • It has to make you younger than 50.

Therefore, to continue rocking the best hairstyles well into your 50s, it does not have to be what anybody, not even a celebrity in the likes of the hot, gorgeous and over 50 celebs, Christie Brinkley and Elizabeth Hurley, are wearing on their heads right now. Their ageless beauties and bodies are an inspiration and it won’t hurt to make their looks motivate you but, at 50, you know you can do better because you have your own style.

The Top Hair Picks for Women Over 50

With these style picks, keep in mind that the right match should completely reflect your personality and is not supposed to overpower you nor change who you are. Check out these hairstyles:

Style No. 1: Long and light.

Bob with Bangs

If you’ve been wearing long hair for most of your life, why shouldn’t you wear one now? A lot of people think that long hair makes you older. Not quite true, most especially if you can wear it in such a way that it trims your face, makes it appear just the right length to give you a sassy sex appeal. Only this time, you will want to wear your natural waves and not have to get it artificially permed or artificially straightened. Well, artificial dye, however, could work out more youth locked in your locks. Dye your hair in a way that complements your skin. If you have a natural tan, golden blonde hair will turn you instantly into a sun-kissed goddess, while an ash to coffee hue will give very fair skin a little more energy.

Style No. 2: Sleek Mid-Length.

Sleek Mid-Length

This hairstyle will give you a more relaxed, more easy-going vibe while surprisingly upping your sophistication radar. It’s a clean cut with a one-sided partition that comes with a sharp drop over your shoulders. It can come with a bob-like layering that becomes shorted by the nape or, just simple, one-length hair. This hair is best worn with a hair dye that is at least two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you have dark locks, it will be great to add lighter highlights. In contrast, if you dye your hair blond, highlight with darker highlights.

Style No. 3: Swing Layer.

Swing Layer

If you have voluminous hair like the ever-gorgeous Heather Locklear, you can try this hairstyle. What makes it special is that it gives your locks a full volume top that becomes sheerer as you reach the tips. So, for the top half, the objective for the cut is give you a full hair but, as you reach the tips, the objective is to slim down the volume. This kind of haircut creates a seriously flattering frame for your face that can make you appear like you’ve lost several pounds just by scheduling an appointment with your hairdresser. The best way to wear this hairstyle is to get thick and sleek side bangs. Dye your hair with highlights to make your face pop out from your voluminous hair.

Style No. 4: Straight Cut With Barber Back.

Straight Cut With Barber Back

This hairstyle is practically maintenance-free, making it perfect for busy bodies or, for those periods when you just want to take a break from fuzzing so much about your hair. Best for women with little time to spare and who would rather wash and wear, you can look up Posh Spice for inspiration. Again, because volume is such an important criteria for the best hairstyles that work for women 50s and beyond, this hairstyle gives your hair a full top. The barber back also adds volume. Other than that, the barber back also keeps your nape cool. Wear with a few strands upfront hanging to your chin. Highlights or, bolder hair dyes will give this hairstyle more flair.

Style No. 5: Bob with Bangs.

Bob with Bangs

This is the classic cut that would give any woman, 50 or older, a smashing appearance minus a lot of drama with hair maintenance. It’s easy to wear and, since it’s a classic, this is the hairstyle that is practically for everybody who wants to own it. When you have naturally straight hair, it will be ideal to have your bob really cling to your head like not have too much volume in there plus, bangs to make you look different than your usual. If you have naturally wavy hair, it will be better to have your haircut done in such a way as to achieve more volume. In either case, one-color hair dye will be good but, highlights will help brighten up your face more.


What hairstyles women want at 50 is what makes them appear independent, timeless, elegant and chic. When choosing a hairstyle, think hard about your character and personality. Which one will make you feel confidently beautiful? Only you will be able to tell.