How much Hair Transplant Costs, USA

There are tons of over-the-counter products that promise to help individuals with hair loss problems. The truth is that most of them are not nearly as effective in hair restoration as their descriptions claim them to be. Instead, if you have a hair transplant procedure, you can be sure to get better results, albeit costlier than the bought products.

How much a hair transplantation costs is not clear-cut, but the specialist you talk to can advise you accordingly. Also, it is essential to note all the different factors that may influence the total costs for the procedure. While at, it is also vital that one knows everything that there is with hair transplants. This way, they may estimate how much they can expect to pay in the end. We talked to Parsa Mohebi, a LA hair transplant doctor, for help in coming up with this article. 

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation refers to a surgical procedure involving the harvesting of hair strands from hair-rich parts of the body and then planting them on a balding area. The recipient area could be the head or face with thinning hair or bothering hair loss. For individuals who might be out there wondering what to do with their balding selves, this is a highly efficient option compared to over-the-counter hair restoration products.

Who is Eligible for Hair Transplant?

Both men and women can have hair transplant procedures if they are the suitable candidates. That is right; there are qualified and unqualified candidates depending on various factors or a hair transplant surgeon’s assessment. Ideally, the right people to have the procedure may include the following:

  • Individuals whose hair loss is regressive as a result of using chemicals like shampoo and dyes
  • People losing hair because of certain medications and diseases
  • Both men and women with excessive hair thinning or baldness that is pronounced on the scalp
  • Any individual experiencing natural hair loss or loss due to injuries or surgeries
  • Individuals with a donor area that is hair-loss resistant and can provide sufficient hair strands for the transplant
  • Men and women with hair male or female pattern baldness that can be rectified using hair implantation
  • Individuals with premature baldness
  • If one has a medical condition that would require a transplant

Common Hair Transplant Procedures 

A surgeon may suggest two hair transplant methods. These are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and can depend on what you agree on. Generally, the two have varying results and recovery times depending on the work done. Therefore, they may also affect the overall costs you will have to pay for a hair transplant in the USA.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

The FUT procedure, also referred to as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSSe), follows the steps below:

  1. The specialist removes a piece of the scalp from the donor area, usually the back of the head. The strip can vary in size but can be ear to ear.
  2. They then separate the scalp strip into smaller pieces. The split pieces may be as many smaller fragments called grafts.
  3. Using a blade or needle, the specialist then makes small holes in the recipient area.
  4. The grafts are planted on the recipient area of the scalp and then covered for recovery.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The FUE is slightly different from FUT. The steps followed in the Follicular Unit Extraction are:

  • Shaving of the recipient area
  • Extracting hair grafts from the scalp
  • The surgeon then makes small holes in the recipient area.
  • The grafts are then planted into the holes, and the area is then covered for recovery.

The two procedures can alter the overall costs. Before deciding on one of them, one should gather enough information on how they may vary and their costs.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost, USA?

So, are you still asking the question of how much hair transplant costs in the USA? If you are still unsure, you have to consider the different factors above. You also have to consider various specialists and what they charge if you need to compare varying estimates. In addition, the following factors may affect the overall costs regardless of the US state you are in:

  • The degree of baldness
  • Where you live since the relative cost of living and available surgeons may alter the overall costs
  • The type of procedure that is, FUE and FUT since they both have different pricing
  • The skills and experience of the surgeon
  • The reputation of the hair transplant clinic
  • How much hair has to be transplanted
  • Travel costs if you are traveling from one state or city to the other


The parting shot is that what you eventually end up paying may vary from one state to the other. Usually, it is in the range of $4,000 to $15,000. It may be different from what other people may pay as the procedures or the work done may have been different. To be on the safe side, always speak to a specialist before deciding to continue with the procedure.