Choose the Right Running Sunglasses for Your Hair Style! Here’s How

  Running sunglasses are an essential accessory for all athletes. They come in different color lenses and styles. Luckily, you can get the right match go your hairstyle and color. While you want to protect your eyes while running, you can still showcase your personality and make a statement with your sunglasses.

Why wear running sunglasses?

In the past, it was weird to wear sunglasses while running. But, this is now in the past. Most runners have since realized the benefits of goodr running sunglasses, and having a pair or two will go a long way. Your sunglasses protect your eyes; improve your eye health and performance in many ways. They shield your eyes from the intense UV rays, which can damage your eyes.

That’s not all, though! Running sunglasses protect your eyes against glare, dust, and bugs. They help minimize eye tension and offer the right color contrast, which helps avoid trips and falls. However, if you care about your look and style, you should choose the right running sunglasses to match your facial features and hairstyle.

How can I match my running sunglasses with my hair color?

Running sunglasses form part of your routine, and you should choose them carefully. If you want to add an element of glamour to your look on the field, pick a frame and design that complements your hair color.

  • Read headed runners

 If you’re red-headed, green, blue, and wine frame colors will add to the rich texture of your hair.

  • Brunettes

Brunettes benefit from attractive browns or purple frames. This will accentuate your overall style and still match your hair color.

  • Blonde hair

 Blonde-haired runners do better with pastel pinks, pastel browns, and black-colored sunglass frames. These frames will accentuate your looks and add to your sense of style.

What of the hairstyles?

1. Curly

 If you have short curled hair, rectangular-shaped frames will bring that subtle change to your look. Round frames are also ideal for runners with short curly hair and will bring out your best facial features.

2. Ponytails

A ponytail pulls your hair further from your face, creating a blank canvas. This makes it easy to play around with different sunglasses. With this hairstyle, you’ll look great wearing virtually any sunglass frames available.

3. Fringe

A fringe makes your face look more youthful. When combined with the right running glasses, you can be sure to achieve that striking look. If wearing a heavy set of bangs, consider rectangular framed sunglasses. Large frames sunglasses may also work but shouldn’t be too big.

4. Pixie

Short hair is flexible and versatile when it comes to sunglass choices. You can pull that stunning look with virtually any running sunglasses in the market. You can even try wide frames and still look great.

The bottom line

The right pair of running sunglasses ensures optimal comfort and protects your eyes outdoors. However, you can pick a pair to complement your looks and hairstyle or color. Determine your desired look and seek help from the store’s team when shopping. This way, you’ll likely get the right lenses to match your personality and hairstyle.