Three Steps to the Perfect Wig

Wigs used to be associated with illness or, in some cases, religion. More recently they’ve been embraced by women and men everywhere as a way to style hair easily and quickly while simultaneously expressing yourself.

Stores are popping up everywhere – on streets, in malls – and an online search for wigs brings up countless sites where purchases can be made.

But more goes into choosing a wig than just seeing one you like in a shop window. Potential buyers will need to consider correct sizing, cut, color, and material. Below you’ll find three simple steps – for those interested in the world of wigs or anyone already rocking them and looking for a better fit – to finding the right wig for you.

1. Sizing

In most cases average size fits most customers, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A few simple measurements will give you a basis to finding the right size wig for you. You’ll want to begin with the circumference of your head beginning at your front hairline, around to the nape of your neck, and back to the front.

Measure ear to ear over the crown of your head.

Lastly, measure front to back over the crown of your head.

You can find a wig sizing guide anywhere on the internet to determine what size you’ll need.

Keep in mind that some manufacturers may have different sizing guides, or their measurements may be different than what is represented on guides. If you’re buying in person see if you can try on the product before buying it to make sure you get the right fit.

2. Style

Wigs come in many different styles, and we’re not talking about the cut of it – we’ll be getting to that shortly.

Rather, what “style” refers to here is the material that the wig is crafted from, which can range from natural hair to any kind of synthetic creations. Recently real hair donations have died out as the quality of synthetic hair has improved over the years. Companies like Pantene are no longer accepting donations in light of the popularity of synthetic choices, and natural hair tends to be used more by those making wigs for children with illnesses.

If you choose to go with human hair, it does have some pros and cons associated with it. Human hair generally needs more styling. It will always look more natural than synthetic hair and can be very durable, lasting over a year if you care for it correctly.

Synthetic hair comes in two types – regular synthetic feels similar to human hair and can be styled, but not with hot tools. These wigs can usually be worn immediately without needing much help, but they’re less durable, lasting up to 6 months max.

Heat friendly synthetic hair can be used with heated styling equipment such as curling irons or wands, but it becomes tangled more easily and will last 3 months at the most.
Depending on what you’re looking for in a wig as far as durability and styling, the material it is made from will have a strong effect on your choice. Ask a professional to help you choose which option will best suit your needs.

3. Cut and color

This isn’t just something to contemplate when you’re getting a wig. Styling your real hair should take a lot of consideration as well, because you’re usually stuck with that look for a while unless you want to shell out for extensions, more color, a newer stylist, etc.

Wigs can cost anywhere from $30 – $150, but so can a haircut done at a salon. Choose a good cut for the shape of your face and a color that suits you.

That doesn’t mean you need to keep it conservative – many wigs come in unnatural colors such as blue, white-blonde, pink, etc. But they can still look out of place depending on your skin tone.

Luckily, if you’re shopping for a wig in person you have the option to try on different styles and colors. This could be beneficial if you’re looking around for a future cut to bring to your stylist; you get to see what it looks like without having to commit!

If wigs have drawn your attention in any way, it’s worth a trip to the store or some exploring online to learn a bit more about these new style options. They can create boosts in confidence, playfulness, and overall style if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily have the time to dedicate to your natural hair.

We’ve given you the basics for what it takes to find the right wig for you – but remember to take into consideration how intensive you want this process to be! If you’re looking for something easy, natural human hair might be right for you. If you’d like a little more fun, flair, and involvement, check out some synthetic styles that can be incorporated into your styling routine while spicing things up a bit.