Black Women Hair Care Pro Tips

Black women have hair with a high tendency to break, sensitive to dryness and often tricky to tame. The curly nature of black women’s hair makes it more prone to damage than other races. A Healthy diet is important for healthy hair. A Healthy diet and washing regimen leaves your hair in tip-top condition. Hair conditioners and moisturizers are also helpful to maintain healthy hair for black women. Find hair products from online shopping sites and have them delivered to your doorstep. But first, check online customer reviews about online hair wellness products on for more insights before pressing the purchase button.

Stick to the following pro tips for black women’s hair for amazing black is beauty hair:

Stick to health diet

What you eat has impacted not only on your skin but also your hair. Failed health diets can result in dry and thin hair that can fall apart easily. Include fruits and veggies as much as possible in your day to day menus to promote healthy hair. There are foods to avoid if you are sushi-holic, remember seafood has a fair amount of mercury, leading to hair loss or insomnia.

Cleaning or shampooing regimen

Health hair growth begins with a healthy scalp. Unclean scalp blocks minuscule pores making it difficult for new hair to penetrate. The blockage may lead to ingrown hairs, uncomfortable bumps, or lack of hair. Note that over-washing your hair with these regimens results in dryness and dullness in black hair causing hair breakages. Wash your hair after every 7-10 days and with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Avoid heat

Heat damage to hair is the leading cause of hair loss amongst women from African descent. It is not uncommon to find women of African descent using heat to treat hair such as blow-drying, ironing or hot curlers. Little do they know that their hair is already susceptible to breakage due to dryness, additional heating adds to the injury; hence excessive hair breakage afterwards. Use an air-dryer or conditioner to remove moisture instead. And if you want to dry your hair quickly, blot with a towel and rub it.

Aside from regular cleaning, black hair needs extra attention to stay on top condition. Use hair conditioners because it leaves a smooth texture on your hair, locking in moisture that will help reduce static electricity. And not only that, conditioners prevent hair tangling a root culprit to hair breakage. Hair moisturizer is also important to keep black hair healthy.

Observe daily care routine

The most important hair care tip for black women is to observe daily hair routine diligently. Remember to wear your scarf always when you approach your bed. Don’t use traditional cotton pillowcases because they can cause breakages in your hair. Instead, use silk pillowcases to keep your hair healthy. Remember to protect your hair from the scorching sunshine. Wear a wide-brimmed hut when you go to the beach. Again, avoid heat products such as hot combs and flat irons. Lastly, avoid traction; don’t tie the hair tightly.