Motorcycle Injuries; Safety, Training, and Prevention

Motorcycle riding is a cheap form of transportation almost everywhere in the world, though an extremely dangerous sport to be involved in. Contrary to this, we found many people riding motorcycles because of the fun involved nevertheless the risks it portends. 

Nearly all motorcycle crashes or accidents either result in serious and fatal injuries or death in a worst-case scenario. However, riders can’t be too careful and painstakingly while riding. 

Some forms of motorcycle injuries are; 

Traumatic brain injury. 

Joint injuries of different variations. 

Bones fractures. 

Damages to an internal organ. 

Loss of legs or limbs. 

Injury to arm, leg, neck, and back. 

Lacerations of different degrees. 

While the degree of injuries to riders may be different, none of the above is a preclusion to motorcycle accidents. At least one is likely to happen, how grave. I recommend this motorcycle jacket with concealed carry to lessen exposure to injury.

Safety, training, and prevention of motorcycle injuries 


The very first precaution against any form of a motorcycle accident is adequate training. Taking a motorcycle training course will enable you to know how to operate a motorcycle correctly. 

This will not only keep you safe from accidents but will ensure you are better to equip for an inevitable one thus reducing the gravity of the injury in a likelihood of same. It will also allow you to brush up on your skills and keep abreast of the motorcycle law in your region. 

Wearing necessary gear 

Protective gears are made in such a way that will reduce the impact of an accident, or preclude one. Wearing a helmet will prevent you from crashing with your head while also protecting your internal organs. Also, it will prevent debris from disturbing or distracting you while riding. 

Also, in the list of protective gears are; 

Protective glasses or goggles. 



Leather jacket and pants. 

Maintenance of your Motorcycle

The common cause of motorcycle accidents is faulty motorcycles due to a lack of proper maintenance and care. Keeping your bike in proper working condition is a sure way to avoid untoward accidents. Tires are to ensure properly inflated before even setting out on a ride. 

Check your lights, make sure they are in their brightest form. Also, check for other components to ensure they are in proper working conditions. 

A routine check should be carried out on your bike by a mechanic. This will ensure that anything that might cause a grave issue will be quickly fixed. 

Be Seen While On Bike

Sometimes, it might be difficult for other motorists be able to see a motorcycle on the road due to size and this oftentimes has resulted in accidents and injuries. To avoid this, ensure you are always seen while driving. Make your bike conspicuous by wearing bright and reflective clothing while driving. Equipping your bike with reflective tape and stickers. Ensure your headlights are always in good working condition and are on while driving. And drive in the portion of the road most visible to others. 

Never Drink and Drive 

Though driving under influence is a great offense, yet still is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents. Statistics do show that this causes accidents in the thousand every year. 

Ensure you don’t drink and drive and if possible, avoid taking any form of alcohol a while before riding your bike. 


You don’t want to be caught unaware of any imminent danger. So, ensure you are always fully alert at every time; To bad weather conditions, potholes, and loose pavement, and lastly avoid using your phone while riding a bike.