Why you Shouldn’t Deal with Hair Extension Manufacturers on AliExpress and Alibaba

I’ve been in the hair extensions business for as long as I can remember. I have dealt with customers, clients, and hair extension manufacturers throughout my career in this industry.

Most of my hair extensions come from China and I have many direct suppliers working with me from the country. A lot of you have inboxed me asking where to look for reliable hair extension manufacturers in China. I know this is a difficult task, one which is somewhat made easy by Alibaba and AliExpress.

However, I strongly advise against using these two platforms to find a hair extension manufacturer because it is really hard to find a good one on these platforms. You cannot find a good manufacturer unless you visit their factories in China, actually get to touch the hair, wash them, and know each and everything about the extensions.

Back in 2013, hair extension manufacturers were abundant on AliExpress and Alibaba. This is was because at that time Alibaba did not ask for money from suppliers, hence manufacturers were able to sell good quality hair extensions using the platform.

These days, both Alibaba and AliExpress charge suppliers for listing goods on the site, which means they have to sell low quality hair extensions on the site. These extensions are very bad for those who want natural looking hair extensions.

AliExpress also lacks salesperson

One of the biggest drawbacks of dealing with resellers on AliExpress or Alibaba is the fact that there are no salesmen on either. This is a big problem for anyone who is looking for quality hair extensions.
The people dealing on the two platforms usually do not have any idea about what they are selling. They only know the origin of the hair extension and their sizes and the prices. Beyond that, they will not be able to help you out with a customized order.

If a salesman can’t help you decide what to buy, there are always chances that you’ll end up with a product that you may have never asked for. They really can’t tell the good quality from bad.
Another big problem that is common amongst many hair extension manufacturers on Alibaba and AliExpress is that these sellers only have the average extensions.

In other words, they won’t have anything unique to sell. You’ll have to pick from stuff that is usually the best seller for them, which trust me, is always not of good quality.

I know a lot of suppliers have stopped using AliExpress and Alibaba in 2019. Now the best way to find a hair extension manufacturer is through Google. Many Chinese companies have their personal website where they can help you with a particular order.

I have successfully worked with several suppliers from China using the Google method. Just make sure that you and the hair extension supplier are on the same page. Communication between the two of you has to be clear so there are no misunderstandings.