Seven Hairstyles for Your Short Hair

The length of your hair and the styles you choose to go with determining how people view you. The hair is a major component of people’s appearance. If your hair is neat, people are likely to take you more seriously.

However, hairstyles have evolved so much over the years, and today we see people comfortably rock free form hairstyles. Even though people are still judged by their hair, it’s not as much as it used to be.

As a college student, you should invest in how you look. After all, college is not all about academics excellent alone. How you position yourself determines the kind of friends you attract. However, remember to go where you are wanted. Do not try to change yourself to fit in.

Be kind to yourself and ensure you’re not overworking yourself. In case you have due assignments, you cannot finish on time, feel free to talk to my custom essay.

Here are seven amazing hairstyles for students with short hair.


It might not seem like it, but dying your hair is very much a hairstyle on its own. It is also a bold statement that says you’re willing to be different.

If you have short hair, you should definitely try out different hair colors. Make sure you use quality dyes that do not interfere with your hair or your scalp.

The beauty of hair dyes is that they allow you to spontaneously try out new looks without putting in too much effort. All you need is some color, and you’re ready to rock a whole new look.

If you don’t know how to dye your own hair, there are many YouTube videos that will help you. It’s quite cost-effective because you don’t have to go to a salon. However, if you like to be pampered, you can always go to the salon to have your hair dyed.

Artificial Dreadlocks

The fact that you have short hair doesn’t mean you cannot rock long hair. Artificial dreadlocks are very easy to install, and they protect your hair from breakage. Make sure you go do a professional loctitian for installation.


You heard that right! Technological advancements allow us to rock artificial hair like it’s our own. If your hair doesn’t grow fast and you fancy the long hair look, wigs are an excellent solution. Wigs come in different lengths, designs, and colors to ensure you express yourself through your hair. You can always use the hair styling tools to get the desired look. Wigs alwasy allow so many options to try.


This is a hairstyle that has been around for years now. It is quite appealing because it is unisex. The bob haircut allows you to have a little bit of hair, and it’s excellent for enhancing your height.


This is a simple hairstyle, but college students love it so much. Like the bob hair cut, it is also unisex. Cornrows take such a short time to install, and they ensure your head feels light.


This is another excellent long-hair style for people with short hair. Hair extensions allow you to experience what it feels like to have long hair.


Sometimes, your hair needs to breathe, and an afro is a perfect hairdo for this.


Your hair contributes a lot to your personality. Make sure you go with hairstyles that you’re comfortable in.