Using a Whole-Body Vibration Training While Depressed

Nobody likes exercising while depressed. At times, you can get so consumed by all your worries and troubles that you no longer see the need to keep fit and healthy. Why should you worry about how you look or feel when the world is ending? Perhaps, however, this shouldn’t be your mindset at all. Exercise is a great way to lure you out of depression. If you feel like you’ve been having too many bad spells lately, take your body out on a spin and sweat your worries away. And if you’re steeped into depression already, a great alternative will be whole-body vibration therapy.

This is probably the only exercise that will help your body, in its depressed state, adjust and still keep fit. It’s also the safest and easiest to do, no matter what you’re feeling. So how does whole-body vibration therapy help you keep fit and lessen your depression? These points might answer your question.

Easy To Do

As already mentioned, whole-body vibration training is easy to do. At times, even atrociously so, to the point that you’re not even sure anymore how it’s helping you. But sure enough, it is. And all you have to do is hop on a machine, press the button, and let go. You can do aerobics and yoga if you’re up to it, or you can simply stand or sit there and let the vibrations do the work. But the reason why the exercise is great for depressed people is the simple reason that it’s that easy to do. When one is depressed, he/she will likely not have the energy to exercise. This therapy gives them an incredibly easy option to still keep fit.

Gives You Energy

Speaking of energy, if you don’t have a lot while you’re depressed, you will after a session or two of whole-body vibration therapy. Having all those vibrations work up your entire body will give you jolts of energy that you never thought, especially in your depressed state, could have ever achieved. It’s like drinking boatloads of energy drinks, only this time, the results are much more instantaneous. And when you have a lot of energy, it will be easier for you to focus on other things, hopefully, those that will make you happy and bright. The more you have energy on the lighter side of life, the less you’re likely to feel depressed.

Stimulates your Systems

Part of whole-body vibration therapy that gives you energy is that it stimulates your body. Think about it: the more you’re depressed, the likelier you’re lazier to do anything. And the lazier you do anything, the more your body will succumb to a less fit and less energized state. And having nothing to do will also likely keep you or possibly even worsen your depression than ever before. A great answer to such a mental health problem is to stimulate your body. Keep it active to that you can better focus on better things than those that are keeping you depressed. Fortunately, the vibrations from a vibrating plate will stimulate all your body’s systems for such an effect.

Keeps You Active

And when your body is fully-stimulated and energized, you’re likely to be more active. Sooner or later, you’ll be pairing your whole-body vibration therapy with running, cycling, jumping, and other more strenuous workouts. You might even get inspired to go for weight-lifting, sculpting your body to its best form. Or even better, you might feel energized enough to go for sports. All of these activities will likely help distract you from the problems that have or are keeping you depressed. The first step to such an active lifestyle is to take it small and slow, and in terms of working out, whole-body vibration therapy is the best option to start with.

It Tickles

You can’t deny that those tingles you feel while vibrating are tickling. It’s like your being brush by a light feather again and again. So much so that, at some point, you’ll won’t be able to help it and just laugh. You’ll probably find yourself suddenly bursting with laughter after a session or two. And more than just relax you, it keeps you at total ease. Granted tickling isn’t always a great way to cure depression, but it’s part of it. And if the exercise helps you attack depression, then it’s done its job. Just let the machine tickle you into a happier and healthier you!

Relaxes your Body

One of the sure symptoms of depression is having a tense body. Your body might be all up in knots and caged-up muscles that the pain and stress of it all have overtaken you. You seem more agitated, more emotionally drained, partly because of your tense body, that you shrivel up into one huge ball of depression. Well, with whole-body vibration therapy, this doesn’t have to happen. The exercise itself helps relax your muscles and soothes you into a good sense of relaxation. Arguably, the work-out might even prove more effective than getting a massage or sweating it out in a sauna. At least, with a vibration machine, you have direct stimulation to instantly relax you.

Still Promotes Fitness

In any case, at the very least, whole-body vibration therapy still promotes fitness. Of course, it’s better if the exercise will help with your depression, but whatever your case may be, doing the work-out will keep you fit. The other effects are guaranteed, of course, but as important as your mental health is your physical health. No doubt, doing this easy exercise will instill a good sense of physical fitness and overall health. You never know, the fitness you achieve through whole-body vibration therapy might just inspire you to try harder to keep happy and emotionally stable. Thereby, making the exercise not just a way to be physically fit, but also mentally and emotionally!

Surely all these valid points are enough to convince you to try whole-body vibration training even when you’re feeling blue. You’ll never know, by the end of it, you might be feeling all rosy all of a sudden!