Shoe Trend Forecasting: Paris Fashion Week Edition

Several shoe styles spotted at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year are expected to take off worldwide this fall. From women’s shoes with jewelry accents to stylized takes on conventionally masculine shoe styles to thick-soled men’s and women’s sneakers and long boots, here are the upcoming trends as seen on Parisian runways.

Jewelry Accents

Shoes with chains and jewels were worn on Fashion Week runways around the world. French designers emphasized this look with flat shoes for women with an attached chain link anklet to smaller features such as studs and bejeweled shoes.

This runway look is ready to wear to formal events. Make sure that your shoes complement your clothing and that these features are not excessive. Coco Chanel always recommended looking in the mirror and taking off at least one accessory before leaving the house. If your shoes include jewelry, you may not need to wear as many other pieces.

Updated Menswear

Loafers are always in style for men, but female models also wore similar styles at Paris Fashion Week. Although this footwear still has a masculine silhouette, features such as cutouts and detailing make these shoes stylish for women.

Men can also wear new takes on conventional styles. Most designers and labels experimented with unisex shoe styles that combine elements of masculine and feminine style and feature unique colors and designs.

Chunky Soles

Shoes with thick or rugged outsoles have been on trend all year. The winter, spring and summer collections displayed leading up to the most recent Fashion Week featured these styles. Chunky-soled shoes were still prominently displayed in the fall and winter collections in Paris this spring.

Depending on the outfit and occasion, you may prefer to wear sneakers, dress shoes or boots with these types of soles. Choose from platform styles that add height or footwear with big lugs that are visible on the outsole. Many thick-soled shoes provide a good grip, which is helpful for fall and winter weather.

Maximalist Boots

Many fashion designers with shows during Paris Fashion Week paired thigh-high boots with cool-weather styles. This look is forecasted to be on trend in the fall and winter. These shoes are a good match for tucked-in pants or short garments such as dresses, skirts, tunics or layers under a trenchcoat.

High boots are available in many styles and types of leather with a full range of heel heights. Depending on your style sense, you may prefer a more cosmopolitan or rugged take on this trend. Choose from boots in neutral or bold colors or styles with embroidered or embossed shafts. For the full effect, wear this footwear with garments that reveal the entirety of the boot.

These recent trends from Paris will shape footwear fashion around the world. Shoe styles with jewelry elements and chunky soles are already popular choices at online shoe retailers. The selection of modified menswear and maximalist boots should continue to expand over the next few months, making it possible to wear your favorite take on these cutting-edge styles as the weather cools and these trends remain hot.