How to Make a Balayage Last as Long as Possible

Maybe it’s your first time getting a balayage. Maybe you’ve had a few, and you want to know all the tricks to keep that colour fresh for as long as possible. These hairstyles are popular for a reason, and with a little bit of knowledge, you can keep yours looking good for longer than you think.

Ali Halat, owner of Rush Salon in Calgary, Alberta, considers it one of his top offerings. “Balayage is the one single-service, blonding technique that can be used on almost everyone,” he says. “That’s why it’s one of my favourites.” 

Here are a few of his pro tips on maintaining your balayage’s colour. 

How Long Does Balayage Last?

Before we dive into that, let’s talk about what to expect when you get a balayage. These styles are considered a relatively low-maintenance hair colouring that works on everyone, and even without much effort, they can last a relatively long time. 

Unlike traditional highlights, which require a refresh every 6-8 weeks, balayage can last 10-12+ weeks under the right conditions.

Tips for Long-Lasting Balayage

  1. Find the right hairstylist.
    Getting a balayage that can stand the test of time starts right at the source – the stylist who is working on your hair. You not only want someone skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced, but also someone who can customize the process for you, specifically.

    No two people have the same hair volume, tone, style, type, and colour. You need a stylist who can put all those factors together and create an individual look that’s tailored to your needs.

  2. Use the right at-home maintenance products.
    One of the most important factors in preserving your hair colour and style is ensuring you’re giving your hair all it needs to be healthy. Investing in the right products, with the right nutrients in the right ratios, can go a long way in keeping your balayage looking good.

    In addition to that, if you’re feeling adventurous then you can use specific coloured shampoos to offset fading colours – for example, using a purple shampoo to prevent ash blonde from becoming brassy and yellowed. However, this takes some skill to match, and the exact tones needed will depend on your hair and balayage colour.

    Your stylist should be able to recommend high-quality toning products, shampoos, hair masks, and other necessities for proper after-care. When incorporated as part of your routine, this is actually a fairly low-maintenance habit that leads to excellent results.

  3. Avoid intense sunlight and harsh cleaners/chemicals.
    If you’ve ever left something coloured out in the sun for a while, you’ve seen the effects that UV light can have on it: washed-out hues, faded colours, yellowing…

    Your hair is the same way. Not only is UV light just bad for your body and hair in general, but the high energy of the rays breaks apart colour molecules. This will diminish the effect of the balayage areas and make them harder to see.

    The same idea goes for harsh chemicals, cleaners, and detergents that you might find in some shampoos or hygiene products. These strip away vital oils and colour compounds, creating a bleaching effect (and dry, brittle hair) over time.

    If you can get away with only washing a few times a week instead of every day, that’s preferable to help the colour stay. You might even be able to use a good dry shampoo on alternating days to help with this. 

Follow these simple steps and you too can have a long-lasting balayage look with minimal touch-ups. If you need more help, reach out to your stylist – and if you’re in the Calgary area, head over to Ali Halat and his pro team at Rush Salon for great advice and results!