Can Birth Control Lead to Hair Loss?

Birth control hair loss is something that might appear when you use birth control pills. These pills can cause your hair to move from the growing phase to the resting phase quicker, which leads to larger numbers of hair that fall off at the same time. In other words, this type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium, so far it is difficult to treat telogen effluvium, but Neofollics Hair Technology offers products that can effectively stimulate and support hair growth to combat this type of hair loss.

How to grow my hair back after birth control? 

Preventing birth control hair loss is possible by choosing a birth control pill with a low androgen index. A healthcare provider might be able to help you with this in the future. But when you are already suffering from birth control hair loss, you might want to grow your hair back as fast as possible. This can be done by eliminating certain factors out of your life that can increase your hair loss. 

The first factor that you should avoid is smoking, because it is thought to cause hair loss in several ways such as reducing the blood flow to the scalp and causing damage to the DNA and hair follicles.

The second factor of experiencing more hair loss than necessary is stress. Hair loss due to stress often accompanies hair loss from birth control. A treatment for telogen effluvium is recommendable when the hair loss becomes quite visible.

The third factor is not getting enough vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in your body. When you suffer from hair loss this can be caused by certain drugs and in combination with an unhealthy lifestyle your condition will worsen further. That’s why you should care for your scalp and hair carefully with good nutrition.

Best way to grow your hair back

To grow your hair back within a few months after the body gets used to the pill. You can use the hair growth complex Neoxyl®. This is a combination of hair growth molecules which are incorporated into the hair growth stimulating lotion of Neofollics Hair Technology. This lotion’s effects are scientifically proven, and it works in 6 different ways to gain control over hair loss and to stimulate hair growth.