The Most Popular Diamond Ring Designs for Ladies

When it comes to the choice of diamond rings for ladies, design, and cut make a difference. In fact, cuts become determinant factors while selecting an engagement ring for your dream woman. Each design and cut sparkles in its unique way, thus making the ring more appealing. Beyond some of the most popular designs and styles such as round, emerald, princess, cushion cut, and marquise, there are other designs to consider as well.

If you want something unique for your lady – pear, oval, heart-shaped or Asscher design could pique your eyes too. Whether you want a unique cut and design, or you prefer vintage-inspired styles. Here’s all you need to know about the perfect ring designs.

#1: The Round Cut & Design

One of the most popular cuts that could fit in any design, round rings remains the top favourite of women. Considering this shape maximizes the point of reflection of light, it makes diamonds look brighter and bigger than ever. Most solitaires are round-shaped because of the simple fact that it makes the rings look more elegant. Featured in a white gold ring, or studded in a delicate one gram gold ring basket, makes a timeless choice.

#2: The Cushion Cut & Design

While you cannot play much with these diamond cuts, they make the ultimate choice for engagement and wedding rings. The cushion cut is an exquisite cut. When combined with a square cut with rounded corners, it resembles a pillow. When combined with the classic larger facets of the cut, the brilliance of diamonds is magnified.

#3: The Princess Cut & Design

On the D-day, women want to feel like a princess. The princess cut is another popular style of engagement ring. It is a versatile cut that shapes up in a rectangle or square sides. It is the ultimate choice for any type of ring. You may choose to go for white gold or platinum band with this design.

#4: The Emerald Cut & Design

The cut of a piece of demand determines the type of design that could accentuate the overall look of the ring. The emerald design is shaped like a rectangle, just as emerald looks, with cropped corners. This design is popular because of its aesthetics. While there is an understated sparkle in this design, its characteristic angular lines and long silhouette captures the clarity of diamond while catching its light perfectly.

#5: The Oval Cut & Design

The oval-shaped diamond ring is a dramatic one with many facets. It looks like an elongated circle and sparkles just as a round cut stone. This design is best kept simple. It is the ultimate choice for sophisticated brides who love the dazzling round stone but want to try something unusual.

#6: The Marquis Cut & Design

The Marquis design is also known as the Navette cut. It lends a regal feel to the ring and gives you the scope to design the sides as you like it. Its characteristic silhouette marked by pointed ends and curved sides gives the shape of a football. It would have a long and narrow shape to create an illusion of bigger size but it elongates the finger. Its unique milgrain detailing features in the band and accents the vibes of royalty, thus adding more radiance.

#7: The Asscher Cut

The Royal Ascher Cut is named after the designer who patented this perfect design back in 1902. This design features the shape of an octagon with 58 big step facets. However, it looks more like a square when it is mounted in a four-prong setting. The design was further updated in 1999 with 74 facets and reflective brilliance.

Diamonds shall remain the eternal symbol of love. Grab your favourite design.