What Hair Style to Use on Your Wedding? Decide What’s Right for You

For most brides, planning their wedding is exciting and fun even if it’s sometimes hectic and time-consuming. While most brides go into extensive details to choose the perfect wedding gown, they often forget to select a wedding hairstyle.

Similarly, many designers and jewelry companies like EraGem offer customers a wide range of options for wedding gowns and bridal jewelry. However, there aren’t many places where brides-to-be’s can find the answers to their hairstyle questions.

Simply browsing photos on Pinterest is not enough. There are many other things that affect the choice of wedding hairstyle. Of course, the length and texture of your hair are obvious factors. But other things like the location, weather, theme, style of your wedding dress, etc. also make a huge difference. So, before you set your heart on an unsuitable hairstyle, go through the following factors to help you make a better choice.

According To Your Face Shape

A hairstyle that looks good on your friend may not look so good on you! A hairstyle made according to the shape of your face highlights your facial features. Hence, it makes sense to select your wedding hairstyle according to the shape of your face. For example, those who have an oval shape can carry off almost any hairstyle. But those with long or round face need to choose styles that highlight their cheekbones. So, if you don’t already know the shape of your face, you better find out now! Choosing a hairstyle becomes so much easier when you know your face shape.

Your Hair’s Length Matters

The right hairstyle can make your face look prettier. But choosing the right hairstyle depends a lot on the length and texture of your hair. Some hairstyles look great in long hair but don’t have the same effect in short hair. Similarly, some hairstyles look gorgeous on straight hair but not so much in curly hair. And if you want to go with your natural hair color and texture, you must ensure your locks are smooth and shiny. So, be realistic and choose your hairstyle based on the length and texture of your hair.

Complement Your Wedding Dress

Another thing you have to consider is the style of your wedding gown. Your hairstyle should complement your wedding dress, not clash with it! You can’t wear a messy bun on a traditional style wedding dress. Similarly, if you’re wearing a minimalist wedding gown, you might want to tie up your hair in a sleek bun. Depending on the type of gown you’re wearing, you can select an appropriate hairstyle that complements your dress.

Accessories Make a Difference

What happens if the hair accessory you selected doesn’t go well with the hairstyle you’ve chosen? It is important to factor in the accessories when you select a hairstyle. Even if the accessories are flowers, crown, or diadem, you should check if they go well with your dress and hairstyle. Also, if you’re wearing a veil, that should also be a factor in your hairstyle choice. Are you wearing a half-veil or full? Do you want your hair to be visible from the veil? Consider all these things before making a choice!

Your Location Also Counts

It may sound far-fetched for now, but the location of your wedding and the weather on that day also makes a difference. If you’re having a beach wedding, you may want to keep your hair down or go for a half-up half-down casual look. Alternatively, if you’re at a five-star restaurant, a chignon or topknot will look sophisticated and sleek. Hence, you should consider the wedding venue, weather, theme, etc. before making a choice.

Whether you style yourself or hire a professional hairstylist, just keep these factors in mind to avoid making stupid mistakes in choosing your wedding hairstyle.