How Can You Increase Your Salary as a Hair Stylist?

The average hair stylist in the U.S. earns just over $50,000 per year. However, some earn considerably more than that.

What can you do to give yourself the best chance of reaching the higher end of the pay spectrum for hair stylists? Are there any trade secrets you can benefit from?

Of course, to land any high-paying role as a hair stylist, you’ll always need to pay attention to your job application by writing a well-crafted cover letter and a tailored hair stylist resume. Get these right for an excellent foundation for your applications. 

Hair Stylist Salaries – Earn Your Worth

Top hair stylists regularly earn over $100,000 per year, whether as self-employed stylists with high-paying clients or through a position at a professional salon with premium customers.

So, how can you reach your goal of earning your worth and breaking that $100K ceiling? Well, the experts claim it’s all about your attitude, personality, and look.


This may seem like empty advice, but your attitude can hugely impact your profit potential as a hairstylist. Be positive, set optimistic goals, and work your way towards them. A positive, vibrant hairstylist with a professional attitude combining flair and expertise will attract high-paying clients. Perhaps, it’s almost better to think of this from the inverse point of view. A lackluster, unprofessional, unambitious hair stylist will quickly find themselves in a rut with a stagnant salary. You can’t expect those high-paying positions to simply land at your feet.


Your look should reflect your attitude. After all, you only get one chance to make a fantastic first impression on a new client. As a hair stylist, you’ll be judged on your appearance in the workplace, so it’s essential to look professional and lively. Be the best you can be. We’re not saying you have to look amazing, but turning up for work in sweatpants isn’t the best way to reflect your professionalism. High-paying clients see their stylist as someone to look up to, something to strive toward, so it’s important to use your appearance as an example of your approach to work.


Being a hair stylist is a personal profession. You build relationships with clients that go beyond just ensuring they leave the salon with great-looking hair. Therefore, as shallow as it may sound, you need to be an upbeat, friendly, vibrant personality to attract the best, high-paying clients. They’re coming to you for a professional haircut and a pleasant atmosphere.

What’s more, recommendations are vital to gaining a reputation as a hair stylist, and word-of-mouth is often tremendously important if you want to establish your credibility and that you are worth those higher prices. Providing a fantastic all-around experience to clients helps endear you to them and helps you grow a loyal client base. 

Earn Your Worth

So much of your earning potential as a hair stylist relates to your perception. Who do you want to be, and what kind of client do you want in your chair? 

Of course, you need to have the necessary skills, but we’re taking that as a given here. The truth is that the highest-paid hair stylists aren’t necessarily the most talented.

More often, they are those with the biggest ambition who strive to set goals and work tirelessly toward them. They approach work with positivity and professionalism and realize that they deserve to charge higher prices because they have complete confidence in their service.

The Importance of Our Application

Many hair stylists can make those high salaries through their businesses, but you can earn a lot of money working at the best salons.

You need to exude this confident professionalism through your cover letter and resume to get a chance to interview and land those roles. Always tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific position. As an ambitious hair stylist, you shouldn’t be afraid to mention your plans to attract even more clients, offer new services, etc. This kind of positive innovation can help you stand out from the crowd.