What is a Man Weave? | The Hair Replacement unit

Man Weaves: What Are They

Before you laugh or say anything, we want to explain what a man weave is. Weaves are considered men’s hair replacement systems. They are also known by other names, such as cranial prostheses or Hair units.

When man weaves are done to a high quality, they look completely natural. When I first saw a weave, I was impressed and I would have thought it was the real thing. This is one of the reasons why man weaves are becoming more and more popular.

Alopecia, or hair loss, affects both men and women around the world. Whether you suffer from male pattern baldness or you’ve lost your hair due to cancer treatment or other scalp issues, you could be left feeling depressed. Losing hair can greatly affect your confidence. If you suffer with CCCA, then you might want to give a man weave a try.

Treatments For Male Hair Loss

There aren’t a lot of treatments out there for men who have thinning hair or who are balding. There is Rogaine for those suffering with male pattern baldness, and Propecia is another option. However Propecia needs to be given to you by a doctor. Both Propecia and Rogaine do offer promising results, but they do not help every one that tries them.

There are surgical options too. This includes hair transplants, but transplants can be expensive and surgery doesn’t always produce the best results. The results can be good, but only if performed by a professional.

PRP, short for platelet rich plasma, has been used as a treatment. It involves injections and the results seem promising. It is a viable solution for both men and women with thinning hair.

Non Medical And Non Surgical Options
Surgical options and medical options isn’t for everyone. Not every has the cash to restore their hair or the patience. With that said, is there anything you can do?

The answer is yes. There is the maligned toupee, but it kind of looks obvious. However, the man weave has changed everything up.

The Man Weave

Most people think of women when they hear the word weave, which is big business. It’s particular popular within the African American community. Mintel, a market research firm, estimates that more than half of consumers who are black wear a weave, wig or extensions.

African Americans spend billions of dollars per year on hair care products. Men don’t really think about wearing weaves, but they should. In fact, a lot of men care about how they look and wearing a weave can dramatically improve one’s appearance.

Why Not

Weaves can be a mixed of real hair and synthetic materials. They can also be fully human hair and they can be attached to the scalp via glues. Once a weave is applied, it can be cut and styled. In the end, you will have hair that looks and feels reals, as well as looks good.

Man weaves are relatively affordable, as they go for around $300, but they can go up to $2,000 and more. Bear in mind that is for the initial installation. Once in place, you do have to spend money on maintaining a weave, which can run between a hundred and two-hundreds dollars every 1-3 months.

Many men will find weaves to be inexpensive and worth it. Even those who think weaves cost too much money can see the value in them. If you want to replace your thinning or balding hair, then consider investing in a man weave.