10 Instagram Hair Trends of 2019 We Fell In Love With

Planning on changing your hairstyle for the holidays or maybe you’re just bored with the same updo? There’s no better place than Instagram to look for some beauty and hair inspo. While some styles you stumble across there may leave you perplexed, some are worthy of being applauded as being ultra-chic!

From hairstyles that grace the red carpet to influencer tips, below is a round up of the top hair accessories, most popular hair colours, trendiest hairstyles and haircuts that everyone seemed to be loving in 2019 from Instagram.

We’re sure that you (and your hairdresser) will love these ideas so you should definitely try one out if you haven’t already.

Must-Have Hair Accessories

1. A Leather Ponytail Wrap

Ponytails are like the blue jeans of hairstyles. They’re reliable, go with anything, and suit everyone. Just because they are common, doesn’t mean they have to be boring and dull. You can undoubtedly spruce things up with the right accessory!

A look that is making a comeback and trending now on Instagram is the leather ponytail wrap. It’s edgy and gives you that sassy, sharp look. It keeps the ponytail sleek and will take your plain ol’ ponytail hairstyle to a whole other level. If you don’t have a long, voluminous ponytail to play with, clip-in ponytails like Ariana Grande style allow you to do just that.

2. Decorated Hair Clip

The great thing about comebacks is when it happens, the impact is stronger than when it first appeared. Remember when you have more than 20 pieces of hair clips stored away when you think it’s no longer in style? Then years later you saw models strutting down the runway wearing decorated hair clips and barrettes – with their genius and captivating looks, only to realize that hairpins are back in vogue. Thank goodness you kept your collection, right?

The key to pulling off the hair clip look is to wear more than one pin. Go for barrettes if you love bold accessories when earrings are not your thing.

3. Bows

Bows are the most viable of all hair accessory styles because you can fashion it in many ways as you can imagine. Pin it on your tweed jacket or use it to hold your ponytails. If you want to spice up your look and stand out in a crowd while making a bold statement – use the bow as a choker by tying it around your neck like a pussy bow.

4. Headbands

Who would have thought that headbands are a thing in 2019? Just like a scrunchie, everyone said it’ll never come back into style. But then Blair Waldorf wore her headbands like a crown to school and didn’t allow the look to diminish her strong demeanour.

It’s pretty obvious that headbands give a school girl-ish type of look, but when paired with a nice sweatshirt, you’ll appear sophisticated. Putting headbands on a bad hair day is a great hairstyle hack. Go for embellished padded headbands or a black velvet headband instead of regular ones to compliment your appearance.

Popular Hairstyles And Haircuts

5. Stunning Braids

Braids are nothing new, but they are being taken to a whole new level. A standard braid hairstyle goes way back and is ingrained in the cultural history of the African community for many years. Nowadays, you have unlimited options with braid styles and design.

Remember when Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet at the MTV Movie and TV Awards with an effortlessly cool, waist-length braids? Despite being criticized by the haters, she still rocked the braid with style and it shouldn’t come as any surprise when loyal fans followed suit.

Other braid styles that are currently trending are the braided top knot, solo braid and bedazzled braids. Book an appointment with your hairstylist and try one of the techniques above and get your pal to go all ‘jelly’ on you.

6. Sexy Tousled Hair

This hairstyle is our favourite. Forget straight, sleek hair. This year is all about sexy and messy salty beach goddess look.

The beauty of tousled hair lies in its versatility- undone and messy waves that describe effortlessness. It doesn’t matter what’s your hair type, texture or length – everyone can pull off this style. When your waves are messy, and it looks like you’re ready for the beach, you’ll know you’ve done it right.

7. Blunt Bobs

When you have thin hair, a blunt bob is a way to go. It’s one of the hairstyles that are easier to add volume and texture.

Ignore what you may have heard about bobs hair because we love the style – it’s spiffy and works on any hair type. Let’s not forget to mention the even trendier sister of the bob – the ‘lob’ aka a ‘long bob’ that sits on the shoulders.

Top Hair Colors

8. Rainbow hair colour

Over the past several years, millennials tend to favour more audacious colours than natural hair colours. Most are especially wild about colourful, rainbow-inspired shades. You can see regular posts on Instagram of people sharing their variations of rainbow-coloured hair, channeling their inner mermaid. From cotton candy pink, purple to green. Isn’t that fun?

9. Pastel

Pastel hair colour is another trend we love on Instagram this year. There are many pastel colours that are exciting and eye-catching, don’t you think? But if you are not ready to transform your hair colour permanently, you can opt for pastel hair extensions that are used by several beauty influencers on Instagram. Pastel hair colours are beautiful, and it doesn’t scream extravagance, but it’s still marvellous. Looking at the trend, it’s safe to say that this style will continue to stay with us into next year.

10. Honey Cool Ombre

Call your colourist because this style is perfection. Warm, honey-hues remain the most popular colour after blonde hair this year. The sun-kissed golden-ombré shade look never gets old and is perfect to wear during summer. Back in the early 2000’s, this stripy, hair-colour trend which was worn by a few celebutantes looked too bold and had less than perfect blended highlights – it was awful.

Luckily in 2019, the techniques to achieve the look have been replaced with more subtle and smooth shades of blonde – making it look absolutely gorgeous.

Whether you’re looking for fresh hairstyle inspirations or just curious to learn the newest trends, we hope you get inspired by the list of coolest hair inspo we’ve shared with you. So make an appointment with your favourite hairstylist today and don your new hair like a queen!

Bio: Emily Starr is a hair stylist and adviser of hair extensions, lover of all things tropical, pugs, donut holes, and listening to jazz. She writes about hairstyles, hair care and occassionally offers up some beauty advice on the side.