Y2K Beauty – 6 Hairstyles That Are Making a Comeback

Fashion rules state that trends make a comeback every 20 years. Confirming this theory, the 2000’s fashion is back and better than ever. Fortunately, trends from the past are not as scary as you remember. 

Beauty and hairstyles are improving to make them more fashionable today. You do not have to worry about walking around looking like a blast from the past. You can find a y2k hairstyles tutorial to help you recreate the best looks. Here are some hairstyles that are making a comeback. 

Spiky Buns

Spiky hair was all the rage in the 2000s. Today, you can spruce up your updo with some spikes. Instead of a smooth bun, allow the ends of your hair to stick out. You can go bold or tone down the look. You can choose how much hair you want to stick out. The hair accessories that you choose can help complement the look.

Bubble Braids 

Bubble braids are back with a bang. Spotted on celebs such as Olivia Rodrigo and Gigi Hadid, the braids are perfect for any type of hair. The style is a variation of the classic ponytail. You can choose one or two ponytails. 

Use several rubber bands to secure sections along the length of the hair. Use your fingers to create the bubble or ballooned effect. You can use different color rubber bands for a more 2000s effect.

Beaded Braids

Braids have been a popular hairstyle for those looking for convenience and versatility. The style has been around for centuries with some modifications. In the 2000s, the addition of beads to adorn the braids was a big thing. 

Music videos were awash with young girls sporting beaded braids. The style is back, and it is a great way to add accessories to the hair. Hair beads can help complement any outfit. 

Zigzag Hair Part

The zigzag hair part is an iconic style that is here to stay. The style was popular in the early 2000s, and a peek at Instagram will reveal that it is back. The best thing about the style is that it can boost any hairstyle. 

Simply changing the part can transform a ponytail, braids, or hair-down look. There is a good reason many celebrities are joining the zigzag bandwagon.

Crimped Hair

The crimped hair trend popular two decades ago is growing. The style has taken on new names like zig-zag waves and mermaid waves, but the inspiration is the same. Women with straight hair can switch up the look with crimped hair. The current waves are slightly wider than in the past, but the style is just as desirable.  

Butterfly Clips

Hair accessories are a big thing, and there is inspiration from y2k styles. Clips are a great way to style hair. They are versatile, simple, and fun to use. They can help tame a messy bun or add color to a structured look. Butterfly clips are not only for a younger age group. Celebrities like Meg Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, and Bella Hadid have embraced this trend. 


The resurgence of Y2K trends is taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm. The looks are colorful and light-hearted, and they are easy to achieve.