The Best Hair Trends of 2020

Are you looking to shake up your hairstyle and find a new and better you through a cool and exciting cut? If you are, chances are good you are probably interested in what the definitive looks of 2020 will be.

That way, you can be on – or even ahead – of the curve when it comes to the sleekest and sexiest ‘dos.

Go short

Going short is without a doubt one of the “it” looks of the moment. Not only are short cuts highly styleable and easy to manage, it is very likely going to come as a reaction to the extension phase of the past generation. There are a lot of examples of celebrities who have already taken to the scissors include supermodels Kaia Gerber and Karlie Kloss.

Accentuate your natural texture

Hairstylists agree that natural texture and curls are going to continue to be a big hit in 2020. Instead of product-filled or over-styled hair, we are going to see a lot of natural hair – whether that means wavy, tousled, relaxed, or straight up curly. Whatever your natural hair texture is, now is the time to not only accept it, but also proudly flaunt it!

Beach waves

Here in hair salon in venice florida, we know that the sun, salt and wind at the beach can ultimately lead to some of the best hair days anyone can enjoy. Beach waves are relaxed and natural, but also have a softness to them that is truly a delight to see and have. For that reason, getting a medium cut and using some good texture spray will likely make your style standout no matter where you go.

Braids are still back

Braids have gained major popularity over the last few years and they will continue to gain ground in 2020. Braids can be the perfect ‘do for the partygoer and creative type, as well as for the business professional and move-maker. There is no doubt that if you are looking for an exciting new way to show of your bone structure and natural beauty, that braids will help you do just that.

Curtain bangs

It always takes a bit of confidence to pull of bangs, but if you’ve got what it takes, curtain bangs are definitely going to be a hot topic in 2020. First made iconic thanks to French actress Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s. Now, they are still a favorite of film and television actresses in Hollywood and abroad. This face-framing look is a way to harbor in the new you that you are trying to bring into existence this year!

Solid and warm hair colors

The final look that you will want to keep in mind for the year 2020 is that solid colors and warmer colors are definitely on trend if you are looking to switch it up. While you can of course do any color you want that you feel best represents you, lighter brunette and deep blonde colors are going to look great no matter what you’re doing in 2020.