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Hairstyle and texture are unique to each individual just like complexion is. The texture, type, and healthy of hair majorly depend on hereditary related factors. But it doesn’t mean there is no freedom to style hair to your favorite taste. Each hair type can get styled uniquely and to make you stand out of the crowd. Hair is part and parcel of a woman makeup business and they can achieve the look they desire if they are keen on some tips and hacks regarding hair.

Hair is one of the precious assets of women. It enhances the looks and makes you look even better. Before you buy your hair extension online, I recommend you look at Besthairbuy reviews to see what past users are saying. Before selecting the hairstyle and hair extension, consider some of the traits your hair has like texture and density. If you choose an unfit hairstyle for your head, there is the likelihood to transform your looks into a disaster.

Hair types

There are two distinct hair types if your hair dries up within an hour after washing, your hair is thin or fine and if your hair takes a lot more time to dry, you have thick hair. If you put a strand of hair in front of a white piece of paper and you can hardly see, then you have thin or fine hair and if you can see with ease, your hair is thick.

How to style different hair types

Your hair is fine if they pose these characteristics; shiny, smooth, flat and lifeless look. These hair types hardly have volumes therefore women wearing such hair opt for short to middle length bob cut hairstyles with layers to add volume. Style fine or thin hair with a round brush to add volume to hair roots. Consider products that add volume to your hair like hair gel because they make your hair appear thick. Steer away from long hairstyle extensions because your hair will appear even thinner.

If your hair is medium-thick, you are among the lucky lot because neither is it too thin or too thick. Your hair is versatile; you can change the hairstyle by only changing the weight distribution. If you are a tall physic, choose a long hairstyle to balance with your posture while shorties go for medium to short hairstyles.

As for thick-haired counterparts, your hair is generally resistant and likely to draw attention. They will burry your face with its density so be careful when styling. While styling thick hair, consider geometrical or layered hairstyles. Thick hair can be easily styled with a flat brush plus a blow dryer. Thick haired women are advised to stay away from straight hair because they give an unflattering crown effect. Also, long hairstyles will do but first, straighten them with a straightener.

Finally, curly hairstyles are the type of hair I can’t ignore considering the troubles girls with curly hair go through when styling them. Women with this type of hair find it a nuisance trying to style them but with a few tips and tricks I will show you shortly, you will style curly hair without a struggle. Make sure you settle your curly hair naturally. And try short hair or the ones that fall below shoulders. Again remember to apply mousse to revitalize your hair every three days. Keep off hair gels or tight braids, you risk hair loss.

I hope you now know what to do with your hair type, I know hair and women are one and the same thing. If you face any difficulties with styling your hair you can see hair specialists or a for solutions.