Trendy Heatless Hairstyles Tutorials On Social Media

If you have spent part of your time on social media in the past few weeks, then it goes with no doubt you have come across robe belt curls hairstyles on TikTok. The unique heatless curls tutorials have gone viral, experimenting on various ways of achieving wavy or curly hair.

Some of the methods showcased on TikTok have been there before, while some are new and innovative. The good thing with these trendy heatless curls is that they are all unique and natural. This article provides you with an overview of some of The Stylish Heatless Curl Tiktok tutorials.

Bathrobe Curls

This curling technique is the most common and popular no-heat hairstyle trending on the video-sharing social networking platform, TikTok. The only tool required is a bathrobe and adequate time to give your hair that wavy look. So, this is how you do it. 

Begin by washing and drying your hair, then apply a curl cream that helps moisturize and repair broken edges. Place a tie of your bathrobe over your head to fall on both sides by your ears. Separate your hair in the middle, then twist each side around the tie. 

Ensure that you have secured each side with an elastic and keep it overnight. Upon waking up in the morning, remove the tie to stretch out those gorgeous curls.

Sock Bun Curls

This method will excellently help you create beautiful curls in just a few hours. If you have The Farrah, sock bun curl will give you those long-lasting curls you desire. All you need is grabbing your sock, alligator clip, and curl cream to get it done. Here is how you go about it. 

Apply a curl cream-gel on your to give your curls some definition. Then part your hair in two halves and use an alligator clip to hold the halves in place. Using a sock, wrap your hair around it and twist it up into a doughnut-shaped bun. Ensure the sock is well placed near the root of your hair.

Remove the clip and leave the bun for a few hours or overnight. Carefully unwrap the sock wrap around the bun to reveal your new curly hair.

Bantu Knots

If you are looking for DIY frizz-free curls, then the Bantu knots technique will make them happen. All you need is to produce about one to two-inch hair parting and begin twisting from your hair root area to the ends. Ensure each twist is tightly done around itself to make a tiny bun. Secure the bun with a hair elastic. 

Repeat the process until you have your mane filled with Bantu knots. Use a silk scarf to cover your hair when you head to sleep. In the morning, gently finger comb each Bantu knot to reveal newly formed curls. You can use hairspray to moisturize. 

Flexi Rods

Flexi rod is a heatless technique commonly used to give a perfect set of voluminous curls. Whether you have it done on your natural hair or wig, you will finally get perfect curls. They can last for a few days when wrapping is given enough time. 

You can do the curls on various hair lengths and volumes. So here is how you do it. Start by applying curl gel or any styling product you like. Section your hair in smaller pieces and wrap each piece around a Flexi rod. Ensure your hair is dried before removing the Flexi rods. By doing that, you get tight curls that can hold for long. 

Pin Curls

This is a classic curl hairstyle technique that you will love not only on TikTok videos but after having it done on your hair. You can get it done by parting your hair into sections of about an inch. Then take the edge of one area and tuck it around your two fingers. Roll them down until you get to the root of each. Now using a hairpin, secure each and repeat the process to entire sections made.