A Man’s Guide to Purchasing the Right Belt

The belt is a necessary addition to a man’s outfit. It is understandable to see why a man would buy one of a cheaper quality. However, I would not recommend this at all. A belt can be a good transition piece between your top halves and your bottom, along with being an accessory. I strongly believe that every man should possess a few belts. However, I understand if you may hesitate to spend more than you require for one. Do not worry. Identifying a belt that fits your lifestyle can offer you all sorts of benefits and can be an excellent investment.

Avoiding a Cheap Belt

The lure of a cheap belt is massive. Some look nice upon first glance, and others come in multipacks where you can get the price of two in one, but they probably will not last for long. Throughout the years, I have had many cheap belts that turned out to be a waste of cash. I had belts that were labeled as leather, but in reality, they were covered with coloring and brittle. After a few uses, they started to look less flattering.

Inferior quality leather rarely looks pretty for long. Worn-out belts convey the message that you are not concerned about your look, and you and I know this is not true since you are a style reader. Now is the moment to dump those worn-out belts and purchase new ones that present your style and yourself.

Belts Serve a Purpose

A belt that separates the torso from the lower body is one that does its job correctly. A good belt for a man can make a bold statement with a clashing color or can coordinate to a pair of shoes. For instance, picture someone wearing a belt with a nice pair of dress shoes. If the jeans are correctly styled for the individual or the suit is well-tailored, the belt will be the accessory that is catchy to the eye. Belts can give you a more natural look and are an add on-piece that can enhance your choice of clothing. You should consider wearing a belt if your pants have belt loops to add some transition to your trousers and shirt.

Identifying the Right Belt for You

Now that you have seen the purpose served by belts, the next step is to discover the right style for yourself. Out there, there is no shortage of belts. Some are not suitable for more casual looks, and some are narrow with tiny buckles that look amazing. There are also bold and large varieties with stamped images along with the large belt buckle and leather on the other end of the spectrum.

Imagine a rodeo championship winner. Ensure you find a style and color that will go with your general clothing choices if you only want one belt. Black with going with anything as it is a solid color, so find one that matches your lifestyle. Quality belts are not that expensive, so splurge and get a belt that will last.


Nothing feels or looks as good as a beautiful hand-made belt. The great thing about a hand-made belt is that it is customized specifically for you. You do not need to find a way to place another notch in a long belt, and neither do you need to get one size bigger.