The Best Hair Tools for Every Hair Type and Style

Different people have different textures of hair be it curly, straight, or wavy. For some of us, it’s easier to pay regular visits to the hairdresser while others choose to buy an array of hair tools to achieve a much-desired look.

Over the years, common hair tools have gone through innovation to embrace today’s modern styles. We no longer need to stress over damaged tuft due to uncontrolled heat while styling or below par results where curls do not hold.

Due to this fact, many companies in the hair industry are offering different products based on current trends and diverse styles of hair. For instance, the past ten years have seen a surge in acceptance of afro-textured hair with a wide demographic embracing and caring for their natural hair.

Being aware of which hair tools to use is important and as such, there are various tools available ranging from old-fashioned to contemporary designs. Below is a list of the different tools that you should keep an eye out for:

Hair Brush

This perhaps the most common tool for all hair types across both genders. They come in different shapes, types, and sizes. For instance, there’s the detangling brush which makes the detangling process gentle on your hair especially your ends. There’s also the boar bristle brush, which helps in the distribution of the scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair and also to smoothen out some hairstyles as desired.

Remember, the bristles on a hair brush play a role in determining the styling and detangling effect the brush will have on your hair.

Ponytail Holders

Using rubber bands to hold your hair in place may not be the best choice since they tend to snag your hair or cause unnecessary breakage. That’s where ponytail holders come in.

They are a vital accessory but have a knack of disappearing whenever they’re needed. The next time you go out shopping make sure you buy a bunch of these holders to create a sleek bun or tight ponytail.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins have been used for generations on end. They are usually made from metal or plastic and are used to hold the user’s hair in place. They are usually small in size with double-pronged flexible clips designed to have an effective grasp on hair.


Blow Dryer

A blow dryer is an electric device that is mostly used to straighten or dry hair after a good wash. There are different versions of blow dryers depending on the manufacturer and their innovative capacity. Investing in a blow dryer will allow you to fix your hair without having to go to a salon.

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair

There are so many hair tools available on the market that we have not covered on this list but the ones highlighted above are very important. These tools are designed for almost all hair types, styling, and texture. Additionally, they are easily available and affordable. Remember, your hair is the crown you never take off so don’t be hesitant to invest in it.