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Getting a Middle Ground when Tastes on Contemporary Furniture Crash

You want a modern sofa, but he wants an antique model! This is a scenario that plays out in many cases when couples cannot agree on the décor ideas for their homes. If the conflicting interests are not handled well, they could end up damaging your relationship. Therefore, how do you go about it? Here are five unique ways to help you arrive at the middle ground. Read More

Vintage Curly Hairstyles That Are Really Timeless

Some hairstyles have sustained over generations and generations. They have an evergreen look that has induced celebrities of each subsequent generation to try. These vintage hairstyles are a collection of some hairdos that are popular even today. They are easy to create and easy to manage. They also go with most outfits, whether casual or formal. These styles usually have a side parting and the hair is combed back away from the face. Some have bangs for the trendy look. Whether curled or straight, the hair looks quite neat and classy with these hairstyles. Read More