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30 Cute Styles Featuring Curly Hair with Bangs

Curly hair with bangs looks extremely cute and feminine. Many women with natural curls still have a love-hate relationship with their hair, mainly due to the belief that it’s rather difficult to style because of its texture. There is one widespread myth about curly hair that has been etched in women’s minds: women with curly hair shouldn’t wear bangs. This is not true at all! In fact, adding bangs actually softens up your look and makes your hairstyle pretty hot, too! Read More

Best Half Up Curly Hairstyles

When you have a formal ambiance, half up hairstyles are a great option. Pinning some of it up allows you to keep some length around your face, but still have the structure of having it pinned, which helps keep the body and shape in place. Polished and feminine, half up styles combine the best of both (hair) worlds. It’s no wonder that I’ve noticed an increased interest in in half up hairstyles. You can enjoy the polished “done” vibe of an updo and the sexy look of hair that is down at the same time. While half up styles are great for any season, I love them in summer because they really nicely balance spaghetti-straps, tanks, and strapless tops and dresses. And because they straddle the line between daily and formal, they work perfectly for summer events, which tend to me more laid back. If you are considering a lovely half up style, here are Best Half Up Curly Hairstyles. Read More

Curly Hairstyles For Prom Party

If you want to stand out in the crowds out there at the prom party, you have to have a distinguished and sensuous hair-cut. There are various classifications of prom hairstyles but you can make a new definition and version of your own by wearing a couple nice curls and side-swept fringes. Weeks of planning, unlimited moments of excitements, and shreds of confusions; the prom night is perhaps the most awaited day for you. Question is what you should do with hairstyle as you might have already gotten something to dress in. Read More